Options After a Funeral

Options after a funeral

Memorial stones following burials

We are memorial masons and can carry out all memorial masonry work, including new headstones and additional inscriptions to existing stones.

We can provide brochures to assist in choosing a headstone or can meet you in the churchyard / cemetery to look at pre-existing stones.

Options for ashes following cremations

We collect ashes if you have chosen not to have them scattered on the Gardens of Remembrance at the crematorium and store them securely until you have decided on their final resting place.

You can choose from having them interred, scattering them or keeping them at home. Additionally, if they are to be taken overseas, we can advise about suitable containers and provide necessary paperwork.


Ashes can be interred in graves or ashes plots at churchyards, cemeteries or crematoriums.

The ashes are usually interred in a casket and we have many different types to chose from, ranging from oak caskets to personalised cardboard caskets and biodegradable urns.


Ashes can be scattered from their original container or can be transferred to a more aesthetically pleasing container, such as a scatter tube. These enable to ashes to be stored securely and on display until you are ready to scatter.


There are many options for keeping ashes at home, ranging from urns and keepsakes to ornaments and jewellery. Some options can be personalised with details of name and dates.

Brochures for all the above are available on request.

Scatter Tubs

Fingerprint Jewellery